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bioBUDS Research Internship

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Note: bioBUDS is moving the Research Internship to the spring quarter starting in the 2023-24 academic year.

The bioBUDS Research Internship pairs Stanford undergraduates with mentors in biology labs on campus to gain exposure to biology research. Participants will be further supported during their research through the bioBUDS course in the spring quarter (BIO 114C) and receive 2 units of credit. All participants in the program will present their work at quarter-end research symposium. In addition to these benefits, students will also participate in summer professional development sessions and receive monetary compensation disbursed at the end of the spring quarter. The mentors for the 2024 Internship are listed below along with a link to descriptions of their mentorship style and project details. These projects range across biological disciplines with opportunities in neuroscience, ecology, therapeutics, and beyond!


Participants in the Internship must:

  • Enroll in BIO 114C
  • Attend all required sessions and complete course assignments for BIO 114C
  • Work with your mentor in lab for no more than 8 hours/week
  • Participate in summer professional development sessions


The 2024 application is now open. The application will be due on March 1, 2024 at 11:59pm. 


Questions? Reach out to the bioBUDS instructors (!



2024 Research Mentors

Use the links on each name to view mentor profile and project details.