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Approaching Your Next Application

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Interested in a science opportunity? Here's how to strengthen your application!


Application Tips

Cold-emails Guide  - A cold e-mail is an e-mail sent to a potential PI. Usually, this is a professor that you find interesting. Here's how to contact someone you have not formally met before. 

Billie's sample when applying to grad school

Statement of Purpose - SoP's are essentially the "face" of your application. Here's a guide on how to write them. 

CVs - CVs stand for "Curriculum Vitae", which stands for "Path of Life" - AKA, a very detailed resume on your path in science. 

Interview Tips - Here's how to nail an interview!

Additional graduate school tips, like mistakes to avoid

Cover Letters Guide from Harvard University

Duke Graduate School Scientific Writing Resource - Helpful resource on improving your scientific writing. Includes some specific lessons, examples, and practice opportunities.

Ten simple rules for navigating the reference letter seeking process

Undergraduate Scholarships

50 Top Scholarships for Native American and Alaska Native Students

Stanford ADVANCE Undergraduate Institute

A 3 day institute to introduce sophomores and juniors to the graduate school admissions process. Sponsored by Stanford Biosciences and Stanford Black Bioscience Organization. Applications due February 1. More info here.


Biotech Jobs

BioPharmGuy - Curated list of available biotech jobs!


Graduate School Fellowships

Stanford opportunities:

Non-Stanford opportunities: