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Biology Aids

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Learning about science and scientists!


SciAll - Short form videos by actual scientists that seek to humanize scientists, demistify the process of scientific discovery, and make STEM career mentoring accessible to all. 


OpenStax - Free online textbooks on various topics including biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Great for exploring new areas of interest or supplementing course textbooks!


Quick links to some potentially useful research software!!


BLAST - Easiest way to scan through DNA, RNA, or protein sequences. Also a great tool for generating primers!


PubMed and Google Scholar - Searchable databases of the primary literature. Want to learn about a specific topic? Or get generate some hypotheses based on the published literature? These are great stops!


AlphaFold - Database of the predicted 3D structures of proteins. Pick your favorite and take a look!


ImageJ and FIJI - Computer applications for analyzing images. (There isn't actually much of a difference between them becase Fiji Is Just ImageJ)


A plasmid Editor (ApE) - Computer application to simplify work with plasmid and other DNA sequences