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Sunset view from Stanford Campus

Who we are

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Nice to meet you! We are the co-facilitators behind bioBUDS - we created this course in 2019 with the support of our faculty advisor and other fantastic folks here at Stanford University. We are all Biology PhD students studying a wide variety of topics: poison frogs, plants, worms, and more. Get in touch!

Ev Nichols 


Pronouns: She/they

Ev is originally from Akron, Ohio. Specifically, she is in Kang Shen's lab and is interested in how developing neurons navigate to establish proper circuitry. Outside of the lab, you can find them drinking abnormal amounts of coffee, silently laughing at Twitter, or reading a book under the California sun.

Billie Goolsby


Pronouns: She/they

Billie is from Atlanta Georgia. She is in Dr. Lauren O'Connell's lab studying what makes some poison frogs such good parents. She's hard of hearing and enjoys doing science outreach. In her free time, they make art. 

 Seba Toro Arana


Pronouns: He/him

Seba grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He’s in the Moi lab studying complex traits such as drought tolerance with the end goal of breeding crops to be more resistant to the consequences of climate change. Outside of lab you can find him at the beach or playing music. 

Sophie Walton


Pronouns: She/her

Sophie works with Ben Good and Dmitri Petrov, and she studies evolutionary ecology in large microbiomes (mostly human gut microbiomes). Sophie loves running, climbing and playing with her cat, Curly.

Mila Pamplona


Pronouns: She/her

Mila studies circadian rhythms in ants and how they affect their behavior and neurophysiology. She's coadvised by Deborah Gordon and Lauren O'Connell. Mila loves music, dancing and playing with her cats (Alfredinho and Haroldinho).

Molly Schumer

Faculty Advisor

Pronouns: she/her

Molly Schumer grew up in rural Washington where she fell in love with the natural world. Her lab at Stanford studies the evolution and genetics of natural populations. Outside of lab she loves spending time with her son, husband, and giant dog Teddy, hiking, and eating delicious food. 

Previous BioBUDS Instructors

Our course began with our awesome colleagues, Iris Möllhoff & Taylar (Ty) Hammond! Thank you Iris and Ty for all you did for bioBUDs!